Situated on a 5000 m2 plot in the Dong Xuyen Industrial Zone of Vung Tau, Baria Vung Tau Province, Vietnam, SEC’s new facility is on schedule to meet the target completion date of end 2014.
Built for the purpose of offering a wider range of services locally to our existing partners and customers, our facility will be able to undertake the following activities:

• Fabrication and assembly for offshore and other heavy industries.
• Maintenance, overhaul and repair of rotating equipment
• Storage, rental and maintenance of offshore construction / dredging equipment.
• Assembly of process modules.
• Provide operating base facilities.

The facility allow SEC to develop new relationships with companies both local and international requiring the local support and services that our facilities can offer.
Any business enquiries from interested parties should be addressed to:

General Description:

In order for SEC to achieve the high standards sought for in the facility, international companies were contracted for the design, structural checks, the supply of capital equipment, and to work with reputable and experienced local contractors throughout the process.

Contractors include:
1) Architects: ADA French firm based in HCMC
2) Structural design, M & E Design and Structural Checks: Aurecon, an Australian company with offices worldwide.
3) Civil Contractors: TVT from HCMC, a local company experienced in industrial facilities.
4) M & E Contractors: TES from HCMC, a local company experienced in industrial facilities.
5) Crane Suppliers and Installers: DEMAG, German company with offices in HCMC and a leading supplier of cranes worldwide.
6) Metal Buildings done by: Bluescope Steel, a large Australian company with offices in HCMC.
7) Main workshop door: 11 x 11 meters. ASA Abloy / Mega Door, a world leader in door solutions from USA with offices in Singapore.

The new facility site will have a security office and control at the front gate, a main office building and a workshop with support facilities and offices. There is paved road access and a road around the workshop perimeter as well as parking for both cars and motorbikes.
The site has plenty of illumination for security and for safety during any night activities. Also, there is a proper drainage system to prevent flooding during Vietnam’s rainy season.
Power for the facility is supplied thru a 440 KVA transformer and both the main office and the workshop/ support facilities have back up generators with sufficient output to maintain all operations during any power outages.
The site also has a 54m3 water tank with pump system to ensure a constant water supply for both daily use and for the fire hoses in office and workshop areas in case of emergency.

Main Office Description:

The building comprises 3 levels, ground, a 1st and 2nd floor. The building has climate control and will be fitted out to a high standard.

• Ground floor: Approx. 291m2 includes reception area, IT room, facilities and general offices and a meeting room.
• First Floor: Approx. 320 M2 includes offices, meeting room and facilities.
• Second Floor: Approx. 340 M2 includes offices, meeting room and facilities.
• Other: The main office has a 136 KVA Cummins UK back up generator in order to maintain operation thru power outages and wheelchair access to ground floor.

Workshop Description:

• The workshop floor covers an area of approx. 1700m2. The workshop building’s foundations are supported by 30m long piles spaced 3m intervals allowing a floor point load of 50-60 tons/m2.
• The building is metal construction (Bluescope Steel).
• The workshop has 2 X Demag Gantry cranes, each with 2 X 32 ton hoists and runs the entire length of the workshop. The hook height is 12m.
• 6 X Demag 1 ton jib cranes are evenly spaced throughout the facility.
• The main door of the workshop is 11m high X 11 m wide allowing entry and exit of large items.
• The workshop also has 2 X 6m high X 5.3m wide doors (aluminum) on the side of the building. Also 2 doors for entry/ exit of personnel.
• The workshop has a 360 KVA Cummins UK back up generator that can deliver enough power to maintain operations during power outages.
• 10 X workshop electrical distribution points. Each with 220V and 380V. 1 X 3 phase 63 amps, 1 X 3 phase 32 amps and 2 X 1 phase 16 amps connections.
• A fume extraction and filter system supplied by Nederman with flexible vacuum cowls at each welding station.
• Hitachi air compressor with Orion heat exchanger and tank. Rated for 4m3/ min with a discharge pressure of 0.7 Mpa. And a distribution system to deliver compressed air to various points throughout the workshop.
• 28 X Philips 400 watt metal halide lamps provide sufficient lighting to allow 24hour operations when required.
• An inspection pit and a sump system to treat any waste water from workshop floor.
• Our shop equipment list is currently under development.

Workshop offices and facilities:

At the rear of the workshop are 5 levels of space dedicated to supporting our operations and personnel. Each level is approx. 209 m2 and each has access to 2 fire escapes. Access is by 2 elevators (KONE), 1 for personnel and travels to all floors and one for materials that travels up to the 3rd floor. All levels have climate control and proper lighting.

The ground floor includes:
• A lobby area for personnel to access the elevators (The elevator requires card swipe and/or pin for use).
• Change/ locker rooms with showers and facilities to accommodate 50 people.
• A laundry room.
• An access area for material to be loaded onto materials elevator.

The first floor up is a secure storage area for smaller and bought out items / inventory.

The second floor up includes a full kitchen and canteen facility with seating for 70 people.

The 3rd and 4th floors up are open plan areas with facilities and are available to be used as offices or for instrumentation type work.

The Dong Xuyen Industrial Zone:

Our facilities’ location at the Dong Xuyen Industrial Zone offers several advantages:

• The Dong Xuyen Industrial Zone is located in Vung Tau. The center of Oil & Gas activity in Vietnam. It is also located 3Kms from VSP and PTSC Port facilities.
• It is situated 2-3 Hours travel by road or by barge to Phu My International Port (40Kms).
• 4 Hours travel by road to HCMC international & domestic Ports (110Kms).
• 5 Hours by barge to HCMC international & domestic ports.
• The Industrial Zone also hosts several businesses with activities that complement ours. This enables SEC to undertake a wider scope of work while keeping our pricing competitive.